Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Wellness Exams in Huntsville, AL 

Regular physical exams for your pet play an important role in keeping your four-footed family members healthy. We prioritize making each visit as easy for you and your pet as possible. Here is an overview of why pet wellness exams are so important and what to expect at this type of visit!

What Is a Physical Exam for your pet

Wellness exams provide an opportunity for your vet to check for potential problems that you have not noticed any signs of, take steps to prevent various illnesses and injuries, and provide information about how you can best meet your pet’s needs. They differ from other types of visits because they are not based on any one concern, but they give you and your vet regular opportunities to keep track of any changes to your pet’s health and take proactive steps to keep them healthy throughout their lives. 

Why Are Wellness Exams for Pets Important? 

Your pet cannot use words to tell you when something is bothering them, which means that checking for potential problems at regular wellness checkups is an essential step in supporting their overall health. Routine pet exams can also be a good time to discuss any minor changes to their appearance, activity level, or other aspects of their health as they get older, as well as to take steps to prevent more significant health problems that may become much harder to treat down the road. 

How Often Do Pets Need a Wellness Exam? 

Having an annual wellness exam for your pet is sufficient for most younger pets. However, pets with multiple or significant health concerns or senior animals will often need to visit a vet more frequently to keep symptoms under control. 

What Does a Typical Exam from a Veterinarian Include? 

Your pet’s wellness exam starts with reviewing their medical history. Your vet will discuss any known medical conditions your pet has, as well as review any vaccinations, surgeries, or other major medical treatments they have received in the past. This is especially important if you have recently adopted your pet or are visiting a new vet, but keeping your vet informed about any changes to your pet’s health or medical situation is always helpful. Your vet will then move on to the physical exam portion of your pet’s visit, which typically includes the following: 

  • Making sure your pet is an ideal body weight for their breed and checking for injuries, skin rashes, or other physical concerns
  • Examining your pet’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth to make sure they are healthy and free of irritation
  • Palpating your pet’s abdomen and lymph nodes to check for any swelling, lumps, or other concerns
  • Assessing the overall condition of your pet’s coat and skin and making sure they are free of parasites

Although this is a starting point for most pet wellness exams, this is also a good time to bring up any specific concerns about your pet’s health. Your vet can then take a closer look at those areas to recommend lifestyle changes, treatment options, or further testing to determine your best options for addressing your concerns and boosting your pet’s overall health.

What Can Be Done to Keep a Pet Healthy? 

Understanding your pet’s overall health can be challenging since they can’t tell you if something doesn’t feel right, which means that knowing how to prevent potential illnesses in dogs and cats, as well as helping to protect them from injuries, is especially important. Some of the most important steps to take include: 

  • Providing frequent vet visits (generally at least once per year, sometimes more depending on their needs) 
  • Providing routine dental care
  • Making sure your pet receives an adequate level of exercise for their breed, age, and size

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