Mobile Veterinary Care

Mobile Veterinary Services in Huntsville, AL

Regular visits with a veterinarian are an integral part of keeping your pet happy and healthy for a lifetime. However, bringing your pet to an office for a routine checkup or other treatment is not always convenient or easy. That’s why mobile veterinary practices are expanding, including the ones offered by the professionals at South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Wesley Clendinen and his team want you to know the benefits of mobile veterinary care.

What is a Mobile Veterinarian?

Mobile veterinarians are medical professionals who travel to care for pets in their homes. Many offer the same comprehensive services you can find in a clinic. Traditionally, mobile veterinarians have been utilized to care for large farm animals like horses and cows. However, this service is slowly expanding to include dogs, cats, and other domestic pets.

What Services Can a Mobile Vet Provide?

Pet owners looking for individualized, concierge-style services are especially drawn to mobile animal hospitals’ ease and personalized care. There are several in-home services that mobile clinics can provide. They include:

Wellness Exams

Sometimes, our pets develop medical conditions with early warning signs that only a trained eye can spot with a wellness exam. The key to resolving these adverse health conditions is early detection. By identifying the symptoms of these issues, a veterinarian can address them before they require more aggressive treatment. 


Vaccines are a vital component in preventing the spread of illnesses. They help support your pet’s immune system, allowing it to function more effectively. In addition, vaccines can ultimately protect your pets from infections that might otherwise be fatal.

Emergency Care

Typically mobile veterinarian services are not geared toward the type of emergency care that requires hospitalization. But in emergency situations, your pet can be evaluated by the veterinarian, and a treatment plan will be put into action. 

Mobile Veterinary Care Benefits

Car rides and the sights, sounds, and scents of a busy veterinarian facility can also be stressful for pets. A mobile veterinarian practice can be advantageous to pets as well. The benefits are:

Your pet doesn’t have to travel

Pets are very intuitive and tend to know the difference between a fun car ride and a trip to the vet. Once they figure out where they are going in the car, the trip becomes more stressful for you and your pet. However, mobile veterinarian services come to you, allowing you to keep your pet comfortable and skip the hassle and stress of trying to prepare your pet for a car ride.

It’s Convenient

Finding the time to travel to a veterinary office can be challenging, especially if you have a full-time job, children to take care of, or a very active social life. Fortunately, mobile veterinary services are designed to work around your hectic schedule while providing pet care in the convenience and security of your home.

More comfortable for your pet

Your pet recognizes your home as a sanctuary and a place of comfort. Leaving it can be stressful, especially if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar. However, if you receive veterinarian visits at home, your pet will not have to be dragged away to a clinic full of strange sights, sounds, and animals. Instead, they can receive treatment in their most comfortable setting. Going to the vet can be highly distressing for pets.

Mobile Veterinary Care Cost

The cost of your at-home veterinary visit depends on the services rendered. Most pet insurance policies cover essential veterinary services. Some plans also cover the expenses of mobile veterinary services, too. Check with your insurance policy to determine your coverage.

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