General Surgery and Hospitalization

General Surgery in Huntsville, AL

Pets are valuable members of our families and, when ill, can require various treatments. Receiving the news that your pet may need surgery cannot be very comforting. When your pet needs surgery, you can turn to our medical team to help put your mind at ease. At South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital, we offer general surgery and, if necessary, hospitalization for ill pets. Read on to learn more about general veterinary surgery services. 

What is General Veterinary Surgery?

Veterinary surgery involves various surgical procedures to treat the medical conditions of pets. The procedures performed by veterinarians in general practice can be broadly classified into soft tissue surgery, dentistry, orthopedics, and emergency surgeries. This covers common surgical procedures such as spaying, neutering, mass removals, exploratory surgery, dental, joint, and c-section surgeries. These procedures are done under anesthesia to reduce pain and ensure your pet’s comfort. 

What Surgery Services Does South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital Offer? 

South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital offers three broad categories of services:

  • Soft Tissue Surgery: Soft tissue surgery can be performed on body cavities, skin, the respiratory tract, and cardiovascular system. These procedures may include but are not limited to castration, excision of masses, and abdominal surgeries.
  • Select Orthopedic Surgery: The surgery is done on bones, joints, and muscles. 
  • Emergency Surgery: Emergency surgeries are required when a pet faces a life-threatening condition.  South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital offers various emergency surgical procedures during normal working hours. If it is after hours, we recommend having your pet evaluated at one of the local emergency veterinary hospitals.
  • Therapy and Medication: We also prescribe home therapy exercises and medications to help manage lameness, gait abnormalities, and chronic pain for pets. 

      What Should You Expect During a Visit?

      Surgical consultation may be recommended if you notice that your pet is exhibiting symptoms such as: 

      •   Difficulty running or climbing staircases
      •   Lumps or bumps on their face, limps, or torso
      •   Lameness
      •   Sudden collapse
      •   Loss of appetite
      •   Signs of stomach bloating and other GI abnormalities

      At our hospital, we can assure you that you and your pet will experience the highest standards of veterinary care. Our surgical protocols include but are not limited to the following:

      • Pre-surgical evaluation- Before any surgery, all surgical candidates are fully evaluated by our veterinarian. A pre-surgical blood panel is run for all pets before undergoing anesthesia. Our team will want to know more about your pet, as our goal is to ensure that any concerns you have are addressed before the procedure. You will then be required to sign a consent form to authorize the procedure.
      • Pain management is our top priority; thus, we ensure that your pet is given medications to relax and manage pain during and after their procedure. 
      • Dedicated surgical suites and PPEs- Our hospital has an in-office surgical suite that is sterilized and kept clean. Our team maintains intraoperative sterility standards consistent with the most up-to-date surgical recommendations.

      Consider South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital For General Veterinary Surgery

      General surgery services are vital for treating and preventing health-threatening conditions for your pets. At South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital, you can count on our experienced team to care for any general surgery your pet might need. With the help of Dr. Clendinen, we explain the procedure, risks, benefits, and anticipated recovery period of your pet. Schedule your next appointment with us today, or contact us with any questions!