Diagnostic Imaging and Testing

Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Testing in Huntsville, AL

Your pet is an important family member, and you do everything you can to keep them happy and healthy. When your pet is in distress, your veterinarian may recommend diagnostic imaging and testing to determine the extent of the injury or the cause of an illness. If you are looking for diagnostic imaging and testing, South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital in Huntsville, AL, is the veterinarian office for you.

What Is Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Testing?

Veterinary medicine has evolved alongside human medicine, and that’s great news for your pets. Equipment and testing procedures have advanced to diagnose and treat animals. Some of the same equipment and tests used for human ailments are also used for pets. Veterinary diagnostic imaging can include x-rays and ultrasounds. 

  • X-rays are used to find issues like broken bones in emergency situations. 
  • Like your dentist, veterinarians can use x-rays to diagnose dental issues.
  • X-ray technology can also be used to detect issues with the heart and other organs.
  • An ultrasound helps the vet see the internal organs and soft tissues.

What to Expect During Your Pet’s Appointment for Imaging and Testing

To ensure you are prepared for your visit to the vet, bring their records with you to answer any questions about your pet’s current health and vaccination status. Arrive early for your appointment so you can complete the necessary paperwork. There is generally no preparation needed before your pet has an x-ray or ultrasound. While your pet will likely stay awake, sedation may be needed to get clear images if they are stressed or anxious.

South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital Imaging and Testing Services

We love animals as much as you do, and we strive to promote optimal pet health. Our veterinary services include diagnostic imaging and testing options, including:

  • Veterinary Ultrasounds – Your veterinarian may perform this test to detect a pregnancy and find tumors, blockages, and other internal issues causing pain, discomfort, or disease.
  • Digital radiography (X-rays) – Looks at soft and osseous tissues such as the heart, lungs, stomach, urinary tract, bones, and reproductive system. This is also a great tool for finding an object a pet may have swallowed.
  • Dental radiography (X-rays) – Used to diagnose and treat dental issues such as an injured or missing tooth, periodontal disease, tooth root abscesses, and preventative care. 
  • Specialist Consultation – Your pet deserves personalized care based on its symptoms. We have the ability to consult with trusted veterinary specialists to diagnose and treat your pet to the best of our abilities.

Request Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging and Testing in South Huntsville

Before your pet can be treated, it’s important to find out the cause and extent of the injury or illness. If you live in Huntsville, AL, or the surrounding areas, contact South Huntsville Veterinary Hospital. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you today so you can discuss diagnostic imaging and testing options for your pet.